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[sticky post] So...

We got someone to upload the raws for us so we're good with that. So far the translator translated all the episodes that were left BUT it's rough so it definitely needs TLC and EDIT before release..but we'll also QC as well. The second ending song is translaed/translation-checked/edited. :)

We're still in need of translation checkers & translators. (well the translations are rough so might as well) && QCer Like it was mentioned in the previous entries you do not need to be fluent, you will have some written down script text to guide you (the rikai-chan  stuff).. the reason is we want to have stuff moving and if we have somebody who knows basic Japanese translate all lthe basic Japanese stuff correctly then it makes it that much more easier for the translation checker that is fluent in Japanese to check through the episodes and work through the kinks of the more complicated lines or the lines with nuance or lines that require explanations because of puns or references or parody etc etc rather than having to fix every other line. Just scroll and read the entries below for more detailed information. Even if you don't know Japanese but you want to start learning it now to help us with tlc in the future.... that's fine. we're open to that. translation checker in progress is better than NO translation checker etc etc.

cheerios4mee @ y no longer works.... please contact locoporchicho*


Episode 20 IS translated/ tlced/ and edited and just needs QC
but then 17-19 need translation check  and more editing after that tlc
all the other eps need TLC> It legit NEEDS TLC. it's no joke how rough some of the translation is. so please volunteer/spread the word/etc etc.

As far as the downloading the episodes, you can direct download all the subbed eps from veoh (correct if i'm wrong but it looks it) .

just search eto ranger
as well as

eto rangers

all you have to do is use the veoh webplayer to download and you'll get the original file which is the .mkv or the .avi or whatevs! The name of the file is .mkv.avi but i think it's still .mkv so the subs shoudl load. I never downloaded off veoh so if you happened to dl and tried playing the file correct me if i'm wrong !

ALSO you can also download the episodes with a couple exceptions from anime direct download websites. So far I know of two. If you'd like to use those sites to download the eps , just google direct download + eto rangers to make it pop up in the google.


episode 16 is almost ready for release.. in fact we only need Quality CHECK but we don't have QCers so if you'd like to QC CONTACT US. Also we're looking for distro person  to help us out distribute this episode... so anyone with good internet/torrenting skills shoot us an e-mail

IF YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW WHAT A QCER DOES read this animesuki thread!

cheerios4mee *  yahoo.com

and all the other positions mentioned in previous posts are still open



I wanted to request for someone to upload raws for eto rangers for episode 21 and up ON  a good DDL site or if they had a ftp server of their own that they wouldn't mind sharing. Megaupload died so all that is rendered useless.

If you need to e-mail as opposed to comment.
it's cheerios4mee * yahoo .com

Oh and there's no point asking on this LJ when the episodes are coming out. I can tell you a date or an estimate but if we don't hit that then you'll get pissed off at us we can't do anything about it because we don't feel sorry that we gave you the wrong date since we can't predict the future. Stuff always goes wrong so I think it's better to not give out any empty promises.

If you'd like to help it come out faster then please directly contribute via translate/translate check/edit/qc/uploading raws/etc/etc.

Recruiting an EDITOR!

so the previous post is still valid because not all the eps are translated to english and I don't know if the translator we have right now can finish all the eps that are left.

The translator we have right now is very fluent in Japanese but he's not fluent in English so we need some heavy editing possibly. Basic knowledge of Japanese would be helpful. We're going to go to do
translation  → editing →  translation CHECK → re-edit AND/OR QC → release

So he has finished translating a couple eps so we need editing to move forward.

So one thing we're really looking for is someone who understands the concept of literal translation and why it's bad sometimes and why it's boring sometimes.
For that, please read this http://forums.animesuki.com/showthre...=103272&page=1
I know the thread is about translating, but I'm sure editors will find pertinent information as well. Like one example from the thread is about NOT translating so directly/literally. Someone gave this example: replacing "can't you enter normally" with "Ever heard of a door" is NOT a mistake.

We're looking for someone who understands what that thread poster wrote and also thinks they can do something like that for these eto rangers scripts. By all means, doing that to every line is too much, too ridiculous but obviously we can't leave the whole episode as literally/faithfully translated as possible.  There's a fine balance that you/we have to find and agree on. Editing is not just about grammar and correct english or "technically" correct english (which comes from direct translation or mad literal/faithful translation left as IT IS. which it shouldn't...). I want someone with good judgement to turn it into real, natural English but I don't want them to go over-board or leave it way too direct-translate to English.

So if you have confidence that you speak really good english and you can turn it into real/awesome english then contact by e-mail! Make the title something like eto rangers or editor or something along those lines so it's not ignored.

cheerios4mee *yahoo.com
replace the * with @

Also more information regarding translating..to show that  it's not that hard to get 50% translation (thus helping us progress faster/take the workload off the main translator so that maybe they can finish it) because you have the korean fansub script helping you. here's the example:

So you'd have rikai-chan and tae kim grammar guide help you to translate.
You could use rikai-chan to help you which makes it a LOT EASIER.  so here's a screenshot of that.
Rikaichan is a add-on that works for firefox. and when you put your mouse over the japanese word it tells you the pronunciation and the meaning in ENGLISH>
So here I copy pasted the korean script into google.translate and translated it to japanese from korean.
I put my mouse over the word TSUGI
In the example the definition and the pronunciation is in Japanese but that's because I have rikai-sama installed.
Rikai-chan will give the definition in english!
And also you could search around tae kim's guide for grammar points that you forgot or you're not that familiar with.
like a line from the screen shot.
let's say you don't know what  しかない is. if you search the pdf, it's there and he explains it. so it's like you can learn/review Japanese while translating. Isn't that wonderful? lol j/k.
But obviously it makes more sense to go through tae kim's guide and try to learn and or familiarize yourself with Japanese/etc/etc and all that for the example I gave to be that helpful, as compared to of working with this from 0. So the example I gave would probably be more helpful for high level beginner or intermediate as opposed to someone who's a super beginner.

So like I said before, the help is still wanted. I hope this example inspires someone to offer up their services for the 50% translator for this anime or the other animes that were mentioned in the previous entry. We do have a Japanese translator right now. He told us that he's not sure if he'll be able to finish it all, which is understandable since this is time-consuming and who knows what will happen to his life in the upcoming weeks/months. Also his English is not fluent or that good to be honest but you know.... we're gonna do the heavy-editing & also translation checking with a TLCer who is fluent in English.

THANK YOU for reading!